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Experience and references

First Class BA HONS Degree in Makeup Artistry and Special Effects (Bradford college - associate of Leeds metropolitan university) Awarded ‘highest academic achiever’ within my course.
Recent Work
Special Effects Makeup Designer (+Hair and Makeup) - Clay - Character driven Short film
(March-May 2014)
This short involved intense character makeup and hair with a 70's vibe, Post mortem makeup, open wound for close up with precious stones dropping from wound, fight and torture wounds, sweat, blood and dirt etc and constant continuity. I was the only MUA and hairstylist and was on set for all filming. (Reference-Sam Thorhill, Director.
Special Effects Makeup Designer (+Hair and Makeup) - Gemini - Bank Heist Thriller Film
(October-December 2013)
I designed, created and applied all makeup and prosthetics for this film. This included casualty simulation prosthetics, torture wounds, numerous bullet holes and dead bodies, bruising and cuts, basic makeup, hair maintenance and much more. As I was the only makeup artist I was in charge of continuity also and worked both on and off set with 16-20 hour days. (Reference-Bobby Hodgson, director.
Makeup Trainee – Channel 4 Period Drama
(Jan-April 2013)
I worked as a trainee makeup artist for new channel 4 period drama, The Mill. This involved makeup, wig and postiche application, casualty makeup, continuity management, on set checks, wig setting and was in charge of all SAs. I worked under makeup designer ‘Karen Hartley Thomas’, and supervisor ‘Caroline Greenough’
BBC Work Experience Makeup Artist
(August 2012)
I worked as a trainee makeup artist on set of a popular CBBC production for two weeks. This role involved doing continuity checks, continuity folders, makeup application, hair cutting and styling, long hours and working on set with the TV crew. 
Personal Project
(Jan-may 2012)
Wrote, produced, directed and designed/created all creature design makeup for a group of breakdancers in a short film.
Film work
(March 2012)
I worked as Makeup Designer/Lead Makeup Artist for two separate media student third year film projects within this one month. This involved designing and planning the makeups scene by scene and employing makeup assistants to help me in providing film and special effects makeup for the two film projects.
Editorial location and studio makeup artist (London Vintage Fair)
I worked alongside a photographer, an art director and the director of the fashion brand Red or Dead, Wayne Hemmingway, to create a collection of shoots for London vintage fair. This involved a week of working on an art set with various models and working on location, shooting with period 40s, 50s and 80s shoots. I designed and applied all makeup’s that got exhibited at the vintage fair.
Sheffield photography studio
(December 2010-2011)
I have been working for company who have created a brand of face and body paints - Developing and applying designs to be photographed for advertising of product and image on product. Required face paints, full body painting, body makeup, product testing, beauty makeup and high fashion shoots. These shoots are done 2-5 times a month.
From Polly Jensen. ( Makeup artist)
I first met Emily through a mutual friend who had suggested that we meet as she was interested in make up and I had recently been working on a film that was being filmed in the local area. (Dead Mans Shoes)
From the first meeting I knew that Emily had the drive and determination to succeed as a make up artist despite her having no experience.
Since then Emily has studied a three year degree in Make up Artistry and Special Effects, and I, coincidentally became her tutor.
As a working make up artist I am very aware that a qualification in make up can sometimes be misleading as to someone's skills. However, Emily's maturity and dedication, allowed her to see too that a certificate would not be enough to impress the industry. With that in mind, she has taken every opportunity and actively sought out work experience in all fields, each time, giving 100% in regards to reliability, professionalism and initiative. From this I know she has begun to build a network of people who now employ her when required.
I myself have asked Emily to assist me on a number of occasions on commercial photographic shoots. Her attitude to this work has always been excellent and this has progressed now to me passing on work I am unable to do to Emily with no hesitation. 
Emily's strong understanding of varying areas of the industry makes her highly employable as she does not have unrealistic or over glamourised expectations, which in my part time lecturing work I see all too often. The world of film and television is tough but I am sure that Emily is more than aware of this
and extremely capable.
Bridal Testimonials
I just wanted to say a huge thankyou for making me look beautiful on my wedding day on Sunday! And also on behalf of my mum and jo and Kirsty too, they also looked great and I know were thrilled with the look!
The make up lasted all day and into the early hours too! 
We had a fabulous day, it truly was perfect and everything I dreamed it to be and more and you played a big part on that!
(Rebecca 2013)
Thank you again for the magic you worked - I didn't worry once about my hair falling out (even when I was going nuts on the dance floor!!).  On the odd occasion I managed to look in the mirror my make up was still perfect - even when I got home!!!  Usually after a couple of drinks and lots of dancing my skin really flares up - but it looked perfect!!  My skin was really clear when I took it off that night too!!  I was so shocked!  Whatever you did was seriously stunning!  
(Helen 2012)
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